06 February

Spyware: Ad-aware is free and removes it very effectively

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Removing Spyware

Spyware is software that invades your computer while you're browsing the web. It attempts to find out more about you, so that advertisements may be matched to your preferences. It can become a problem when your computer contains huge quantities of it. Most people prefer to remove all of it. Ad-aware is very good at spotting spyware and removing it. We recommend that you let it remove everything it finds (there's an automatic backup of everything removed).


  1. Download and install ad-aware SE
  2. Download latest reference file
    • click on Check for updates now on the Ad-aware SE Status page
  3. Run ad-aware
    • If spyware entries are found select each one of them and click continue to remove them


You can run it as often as you like but once a week is probably enough. Check for a new reference file from time to time. If you subscribe to the Culverden XML Newsfeed we'll let you know when it's worth installing the latest version.

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