05 October

Rose and Crown

New hosted websites added

Rose and Crown.

Added new domain rose-and-crown.info

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06 October

Yacht Magrathea site updated

culverden hosted website

The Yacht Magrathea website http://yacht-magrathea.com has been restyled and updated by Notch

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13 October

Tom and Dot

New hosted websites added

Tom and Dot.

Added new domain TomAndDot.com

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15 October

Changing Broadband Provider

Plusnet to Be*

Force9 has been a bit eratic and their limit on downloads has caused problems. Decided to change to Be* Unlimited Which is faster (24MB/2MB) and cheaper (£18/£21.99 per month).


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18 October

The car's got to go

Alfa Romeo 164 3.0 automatic for sale

I've decided that I'll never buy a manual gearbox 164 until I've sold the auto-box car.

Alfa Romeo 164s are one of the automobile world's best kept secrets. They run well with excellent speed and acceleration with the kind of comfort you would get in £30,000 cars. Because nobody wants them they sell from around £500.

This one has only partially let me down once (corrosion in the wiring loom, up front near the grill and that was very easy and cheap to fix). It failed to start in torrential rain but when it stopped raining and dried out I managed to fire it up and drive it to the garage.

Daves 3.0 Auto

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26 October

Rose and Crown Tunbridge Wells

Added pub

The Rose and Crown Tunbridge Wells.

Added the Rose and Crown Tunbridge Wells rose-and-crown.info/tunbridgewells

Address: 47 Grosvenor Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN1 2AY
Telephone: 01892 522427

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